Made by Hannah Love Alindayu, 8 years old

A better way to give your kids an enjoyable snacks in a cute, tiny pine trees made deliciously possible by Cheez Whiz spread. Enjoy each bite! You will surely love it.


  • Cheez Whiz
  • White loaf (5 pcs.)
  • Biscuit Sticks (3pcs)
  • Fried Hotdog (1 pc.)
  1. In one loaf, cut two triangle shaped, the one is bigger than the other.
  2. Cut hotdog into tiny bits; cut off biscuit sticks in half.
  3. Squeeze a generous amount of Cheez Whiz in each paired loaf. Placing the bigger at the back.
  4. Placed the stick at the center and sandwiched the loaf.
  5. Squeeze again on top of each paired loaf and arranged the tiny bits of hotdog in zigzag design.
  6. Arranged in a plate all your tiny, cheezy yum Pine trees and Enjoy!