U.F.Ohhhh!Cheez Spaceship

Made by Cheska Christine I. Jala, 6 years old

You can't resist if this cute cheezy little alien invades your snacks!


  • 1.Cheez Whiz
  • 2.Ensaymada(2) big & small
  • 3.Fruit Jelly (2) big sizes
  • 4.Stick bread,Cubee wafer & nips ( for the accent)
  1. 1.Prepare all the ingredients needed. First put the big ensaymada on the plate for the base of our UFO Spaceship.Make a big hole in the small ensaymada like a donut, then put it on the top of the big ensaymada.
  2. 2.Then squeeze our all time favorite "CHEEZ WHIZ" as like as you want to make a cheezy overload U.F.OHHH! CHEEZ Spaceship.
  3. 3.Accent it with the Stick bread, cubee wafer & nips for the colourful lights of our spaceships then put the Fruit Jelly as our Aliens in our creation.
  4. 4.Happiest and enjoy the invasion of this cutest aliens snacks!