Super Heroes CHEEZT BOARD canapė

Made by Cheska Christine Jala, 6 years old

What a SUPER BRAINY CHEEZY snack in a bite!It Inspired as we celebrate Math and Science Month!


  • 1.Prepare the loaf bread, ham,lettuce and Cheez whiz (for the board).Marshmallows, bbq stick, 3 pcs of sliced bread and Cheez Whiz (for the hourglass). Toothpicks (for the printed superheroes chess characters).
  1. 2.For the board: slice the loaf bread and ham into squares then put it in the oven toaster to toast it. 5mins to sliced bread and 10mins for the sliced ham. Cut the lettuce accordingly to the size of the bread.Arrange them alternately by doing small sandwiches: and put them on a firm flattened plate.
  2. 3.A.To arrange the first sandwich just put first the sliced bread then lettuce, squeez the Cheez Whiz as long as u wanted your canapė as cheezy as possible then sliced bread again and lastly top it with the sliced ham with cheez whiz at the back on it to stick it in the bread.
  3. B. For the second sandwich put the sliced bread,sliced ham with cheez whiz at the back on it to stick it in the bread, lettuce then sliced bread again and lastly pour over the cheez whiz on the top of the bread.
  4. C.Place all the small sandwiches on a firm flattened plate/square plate. Arrange it alternately to make the chess board. Put the super hero characters as you are playing chess.
  5. D.Make an hourglass by using marshmallows and stick, sliced bread on the base to stand it straight and then cheez whiz for the sand.
  6. 4.Served it with cheezy joy and cheezy happiness with the kids and family enjoy!