Our CheezMaz Tree Parol

Made by Miguel Joaquin Montilla, 10 years old

It's a fully loaded of CHEESE that create endless CHEESY FUJ


  • 1. CheezWhiz Pimiento
  • 2. CheezWhiz Mild
  • 3. Small Cheese BREADS
  • 4. Candy sprinklers
  1. 1. Forst, I spread the Cheez Whiz mild into cheese breads
  2. 2. Toast it for just 3-5 minutes just to add some crunch
  3. 3. Start arranging it in the shape of a Christmas Tree
  4. 4. Next, we can now squeezed our Cheez Whiz pimiento and put on to the top of our Cheez Breabyd
  5. 5. Lastly, add some colorful candy sprinklers to look more enticing to our kids.
  6. 6. Ready to serve.