Hot-Rice Castle Cheez

Made by Deserie Cesante Austria, 26 years old

2 in 1 snacks no left over so yummy!


  • Cheez Whiz, Rice, Hotdog, Pancake,Bell pepper, Mallows Cone,Flowers And Flag
  1. 1. Cook pancake mix first. 2. Prepare rice for molding then assemble to form a castle shape. 3. Pour Cheez Whiz at the top and side around the rice 4.Using ketchup draw line at the two sides parts of the castle. 5. Slice hotdog make a cut of windows and door shape then paste it.. 6. Put pancake add the other decorations ( bell pepper, artificial flowers, leaves ,mallows, flag, sliced hotdog) and put cone at the top of the castle. 7. Serve it while hot and enjoy the new tried and tested super yummy snacks Cheesinvention Hot-Rice Castle Cheez