Dinocheese in the City

Made by Klyde Greysen Dimasuhid, 1 years old

Just a simple dinosaur sliced bread added with cheez whiz with creamstick chocolate and biscuit


  • 2-3 loaf bread, biscuit (any kind), creamstick chocolate, cheez whiz
  1. 1. Make a head and body of dinosaur using loaf bread and rectangle shape for buildings
  2. 2. Make a two small and one big circle using excess loaf bread the put chocolate creamstick to make an eye and moon, and then sliced the side part of loaf bread using knife to make the other part of dinosaur
  3. 3.spread the cheese whiz on sliced loaf or should i say dinosaur bread. Then put it to a colored paper(black), put a half biscuit to make a clouds and arrange it like on the picture .