Dabibot's Leaning Tower of CheezWhiz

Made by Jerson Dave #Dabibot, 2 years old

Dabibot's very first cheesy masterpiece, the Leaning Tower of CheezWhiz! With the toddler-friendly anatomy of easy-to-squeeze-with-nozzle Cheez Whiz, this two-year old cheeseventor just can't help his self from drizzling gooey cheese over and over again.


  • Cheez Whiz
  • Ham
  • Bread
  • Popcorn
  1. cut bread and ham in squares
  2. alternate bread, ham and cheez whiz
  3. drizzle more cheese on top
  4. add what's left of the popcorn (because its so easy to do, dabibot is eating popcorn while making this)