Cheezyum Sunnyflower

Made by Hannah Love Alindayu, 8 years old

Our sunnyflower is blooming with thick goodness of Cheez Whiz spread. We can't resist to take an endless cheesy fun bite now!


  • Cheez Whiz
  • Loaf Bread (7 pcs.)
  • Hotdog (1 pc., cooked)
  1. Cut two triangle-shaped in each loaf. Three pcs. of loaf for bigger and another three loaves for smaller cuts.
  2. Squeezed a generous amount of thick Cheez Whiz in each cut loaf.
  3. One loaf is cut in circle to be placed at the center. Squeezed Cheez Whiz on top of it.
  4. Arranged all cut loaf as a sunny flower. Placing the bigger first before the small triangle shaped loaf.
  5. Cut hotdog in half to be used as stem, lead and pollen.
  6. Enjoy your yummy, endless cheesy fun bite!