Cheezy Ube Icecreamlicious

Made by Hannah Love Alindayu, 8 years old

You will surely enjoy this cheezy icecream shaped bread snacks. Take a bite now and taste an endless cheezy fun!


  • Cheez Whiz
  • Loaves (7 pieces Ube loaf)
  • White loaves (5 pieces)
  1. Flattened all loaves. Cut ube loaves into cone, heart and butterfly-shaped.
  2. Cut white loaves into flower, heart, star and circle shaped.
  3. Spread a generous amount of CheezWhiz into ube loaf cone-shaped then paired together. Make three cones.
  4. Spread Cheez Whiz into butterly-shaped bread. Paired together then spread on each center.
  5. Transfer Cheez Whiz into a piping bag; using a small piping noozle then design Cheez Whiz according to each shaped.
  6. Enjoy an endless cheezy fun of your Cheezy Ube Icecreamlicious loaf snacks!