Cheezy Race Car

Made by Neil Erwin, 8 years old

Cheezy Race Car is made in Homemade bread, hotdog, stick-o, fita biscuits, ham , mixed vegetables ( carrot, corn and green peas ) and Cheeze Whiz


  • 1. 1 Rounded bread
  • 2. Fried Hotdog
  • 3. Fried Ham
  • 4. Fita biscuits
  • S. Stick-o
  • 6. Boiled mixed vegetable
  • 7.Cheeze Whizz
  • 8.Pepper ( Cracked )
  1. 1.Make a hole in the bread that you think the hotdog will fit on it
  2. 2. Put the hotdog in the hole of the bread
  3. 3.Coat the bread with using the Cheeze Whiz Original 115 g to look thick and delicious
  4. 4.For the exhaust of the car cut the stick-o in the middle and put each pieces at the back of the car vertically
  5. 5.For the deisgn of the bread put the boiled mixed vegetables around of the bread
  6. 6.For the tire of the bread put 1 piece fita biscuit on each side of the bread
  7. 7. For the face of the hotdog put 2 pieces pepper on the upper of the hotdog and put a ham on the bottom of the pepper for the face and put 1 piece green peace on the head of the hotdog.