Cheezy Creepy Horror Adventure

Made by Eashana Cassey C. Katipunan, 8 years old

Horror Adventure is fun with cheez whiz


  • Cheez Whiz
  • crackers
  • biscuits
  • bread sticks
  • nachos
  • candy coated chocolate
  • cheese
  • lumpia wrapper
  1. For thew horror house-assemble crackers and spread cheez whiz on it
  2. For horror moon-spread cheez whiz on the surface of a round biscuit
  3. For ladder-cut small strip of cheese and wrap it in a lumpia wrapper and fry. Put cheez whiz on it
  4. For bonfire-arrange nachos and put cheez whiz and catsup on top
  5. For the horror pumpkin-spread chiz whiz on top of the round biscuit and put choco coated candies for eyes and mouth
  6. For the fences-use bread sticks and apply cheez whiz on it