Cheezy Caterpilar in the garden

Made by Ma. Rachelle Salvador, 7 years old

Its made up of Cheez Whiz, hotdog, loaf bread, lettuce and some raisin. Arrange to look like a garden with flower, leaves and caterpillar enclose inside the railing.


  • Hotdog, cheezwhiz, lettuce, loaf bread, raisin, cucumber barbeque stick
  1. Cut hotdog in 1 inch size, arrange the lettuce in a platter, fry hotdog, cut the loaf bread in fence like manner, with a cookie cutter shape like a flower cut the other bread,put cheezwhiz on it. Arrange the hotdog with the help of the barbeque stick to look like a caterpillar.With the help of the barbecue stick form a fence with the loaf bread. Arrange the lettuce and the hotdog, flowers and the fence to look like a garden with caterpillar. Take the cucumbers part off to make a well and put on the cheezwhiz inside. Happy Eating. off the