Cheezy Airplane Hotdog Sandwich

Made by LESHLEE RIEL P. PEREZ, 2 years old

A fun way to eat a cheez whiz hotdog sandwich


  • Cheez whiz
  • Hotdog
  • Bread
  • Toothpicks
  1. 1. Cooked two hotdogs. One to be put on a sandwich. The other to cut into the propeller and wheels.
  2. 2. Make the body of the plane. Get one bread and slice into half. Place hotdog inside and drizzle cheez whiz.
  3. 3. For the wings. Get another bread and slice it into half. Place one under the hotdog sandwich and the other half on top of the sandwich. Drizzle more cheez whiz and make a design of the wings like a zigzag.
  4. 4. Cut the hotdogs. Two round hotdogs for the wheels of the plane. Attached by toothpick.
  5. 5. Cut another hotdog and slice on top for the propeller of the plane. About 6 partitions or 4 then attached it to the front of the hotdog sandwich by a toothpick.
  6. 6. Insert a triangle cheez at the end of the sandwich for the tail of the plane. Serve and enjoy eating