CheezWhiz-Stuffed Baked Potato

Made by adrian james tolentino, 15 years old

Making Snack Time Fun and Rewarding


  • Potato ( slice and cubes )
  • ham (slice and bits)
  • egg yolk
  • butter
  • Cheez Whiz
  • salt
  • powderize black pepper
  • spring onion cut into small pieces
  1. 1.Place the potatoes in a pot add a little salt,turn the burner on high and bring water to boiling
  2. 2.If potatoes are tender remove from heat then drain and let it cool.
  3. 3.Cut 1 potato in half , place it on a plate set aside.
  4. 4.Get another potato and cut it into cubes
  5. 5.In a mixing bowl combine all the ingredients( cube potatoes,butter a little powderize black pepper ,salt and egg yolk,spring onion and slice ham into bits)
  6. 6.Mix it completely
  7. 7.Pour the mixture on top of the slice potato.
  8. 8.Pour thick Cheez whiz on top of it and garnish it with slice spring onion and slice ham and bits
  9. 9.Put it in a microwave oven for 1 min.
  10. 10.Take it out from the oven then springkle some spring omion and ham bits