Cheez Whiz Halloween Treat or Trick

Made by Sadie Alaika Dimanalata, 5 years old

Deliciously Spooky


  • Mini oranges
  • Cereal roll
  • Cream roll
  • Chocolate pretzels
  • Mini chocolate cupcake
  • Raisins
  • Cheez Whiz Pimiento
  1. Candle - Cereal roll, cut raisin into thin strip (wick), smothered Cheez Whiz on top to drip
  2. Cupcake - Put pretzels to make little spidy.
  3. Cream roll - Drizzle Cheez Whiz all over to cover the mummy. Place 2 raisins to make eyes.
  4. Orange - Place raisins to make eyes and nose.
  5. Arrange to create a Treat or Trick buffet centrepiece