Cheez-huahua Chicken Shawarma

Made by Melanie Ann G. Mendoza, 34 years old

Chihuahua inspired do it yourself Shawarma using the tasty Cheex Whiz


  • Cheez Wiz 220grams pouch Chicken fillet hotdog rolls / bread mayonnaise hot sauce garlic olive oil kalamansi juice salt cumin powder turmeric powder ground black pepper cucumber onion tomato
  1. 1. Marinate the chicken fillet with salt, cumin powder, turmeric powder and ground black pepper then fry it in a pan. 2. To make garlic sauce, place mayonnaise, hot sauce, garlic, olive oil, kalamansi juice and salt in a blender and process it until it is in liquid form. 3. Prepare and design the bread, spread the garlic sauce and put the other ingredients like chicken, cucumber, tomato and onion then generously top it with Cheez Wiz. 4. Serve it with extra Cheez Wiz, chicken fillet, cucumber, tomato and onion.