Cheesy Owl Sandwich

Made by Matteo Jake Lambon, 1 years old

An animal kiddie sandwich for your little kids to enjoy


  • Loaf Bread
  • Cheez Whiz Original
  • Chocolate cupcake
  1. From your loaf bread, cut an owl shape pattern
  2. Take another loaf bread and cut 2 small round patters. This will be the eyes of the owl
  3. Take your chocolate cupcake, cut a very small circle (smaller than the round bread, this will serve as the iris of the eyes of the owl)
  4. Then cut a triangle shape again from your cupcake to serve as the beak of the owl
  5. Spread the Cheez Whiz Original on top of the Loaf bread
  6. Then arrange all the shapes that been cut to make it look like an owl.