Car Cheezracing

Made by Andrew Gabriel G. Acido, 8 years old

Cars is my sons favorite toys, that’s why I made him a Car inspired merienda, top with his favorite Cheez Whiz and hotdog. He loves it so much. As a reward he gave me the cheesiest kiss. I love You Drew!


  • 1. Cheez Whiz 2. Bread 3. Hotdog 4. Tomato 5. Pipino 6. Olives
  1. 1. Cut out the middle part of the bread. 2. Slice the pipino for the wheels. 3. Cut the tomato. 4. Cut the olives for head light. 5. Put the hotdog upward in the bun as the driver. 6. Fill the center with thick Cheez Whiz 7. Top the hotdog with thick Cheez Whiz.