Made by Jam Fortia Eisma Casintahan, 12 years old

Because of the hardwork of my daughter and her classmate in making there everyday assignments. Me and my daughter jam, come up with a very special dipping snacks. Jam is a fan of Cheesewhiz thats why everytime she requested a snack, we do it both and shar


  • 1 Big Round Bread ( for Bunny Body )
  • 2 Small Round Bread ( for eyes, mouth and buttons )
  • 2 Bottles of Ham and Cheese 420g.
  • 5 Assorted Snacks ( any kind but I prefer Jam's favorite snacks )
  • 2 Kinds of Biscuits
  • Cheesesticks
  • French Fries
  • Toothpick
  1. 1. Make a round hole on the center of the Big Bread just like a bowl.
  2. 2. On the other side put the small round bread ( makes the face of the bunny ) by using toothpick
  3. 3. Shape the ears of the bunny, then put on top of the face of the bunny
  4. 4. Then put eyes and nose on the face using the nips.
  5. 5. Put the nips on the other side as the buttons.
  6. 6. Put all the readymade bunny on a big plate.
  7. 7. Then put all the snacks you wanted to eat ( fries, cheesesticks, chips and biscuits )
  8. 8. Enjoy your BUNNY PARTY DIP SNACKS ( Best snacks together with your family while watching televison, friends while doing homeworks, bible studies and many more)