Adorable Cheez Whizinia

Made by Hannah Love Alindayu, 8 years old

You will surely love this adorable Cheez Whizinia flower! Butterflies already smell the thick, delicious Cheez Whiz. Hurry up, get a munch before its too late!


  • Cheez Whiz
  • Bread (Wheat bread & Ube loaf flavor)
  • Colored Puto
  • Hotdog
  1. Cut wheat bread in flower shape; Ube loaf in butterfly shape.
  2. Cut colored Puto in circles and a leaf.
  3. Cut hotdog in slices and one small heart shape.
  4. Spread Cheez Whiz all over the wheat flower then topped with Puto.
  5. Arranged like a flower.
  6. Spread Cheez Whiz in the center part of the butterfly.
  7. Pic first, then enjoy your delicious Cheez Whizinia!