What makes thick so fantastic?

Here’s why you’ll love spreading yourself some thick Cheez Whiz.

Explosion of flavor!

Each thick scoop, dollop, or spread is so packed with flavor, that every bite bursts with cheesy goodness.

Super filling!

With its thickness, you won’t just get a fullness of flavor, but also fullness in feeling.

One little scoop, one big spread!

Because it’s so thick, every scoop goes a long way. So you also get more out of every bottle or pack!

Partner with anything!

Another awesome thing about thickness? It’s so easy to spread or put into any type of snack.

Now it’s time to use the thickness of Cheez Whiz for your own Cheeseventions! Create now.



Send your own Cheesevention here, and get featured on the online gallery. You may even get a chance to win Php 10,000!
  • Gather 'round the bonfire made of fries and light it up with oozing, thick Cheez Whiz.

  • Create a cute dinosaur out of nachos, bread, and deliciously thick Cheez Whiz.

  • You'll go out of this world with these intergalactic Cheez Whiz cupcakes.